NKO Navy

Access Navy Knowledge Online with these quick links.

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Navy Knowledge Online (NKO Navy) is an online learning network for US Navy personnel and marines.

NKO serves more than 480k Naval officers and enlisted members. Navy Knowledge Online gives access to white page directories, online forums, alerts and notifications, admin tasks, and a wealth of US Navy-related content.

NKO is similar to the US Army’s online network AKO.

Some of the NKO Navy resources include:

  • academic & technical libraries
  • career info
  • college programs available
  • communities of practice & knowledge centers
  • education & training resources
  • exam prep materials
  • tech systems resources
  • other personal and professional development tools

Some of the online courses the Navy offers include:

  • CMS / Interactive Detailing
  • DFL: Driving For Life
  • EJT: Electronic Training Jacket
  • Navy Advancement Center
  • Navy College Program
  • SMART Transcript

To access NKO online course, follow these steps:

  • Log into the NKO site
  • “Launch Navy E-Learning”
  • “Browse Categories”
  • “U.S. Department of the Navy”
  • Choose your course